Whether you work from home, in the corner office with the window or from a dynamically serviced office space that is rented on a long or short term basis, much of your business success and productivity is tied to your ability to focus for long periods of time.

Distractions can come in many forms, and some of us are more resilient to them than others, which makes setting up an organised workspace essential, especially for those with fast moving thought-processes that need to be reined in a little.

Remove clutter from your desk

During the hectic pace of the day, week or month, it can be easy to let artefacts build up on your desk. You might think that this has no effect on your productivity but it does. Clutter makes it difficult to stay organised, both in your thoughts and your activities; and it goes without saying that it can be unhygienic. So take some time each day to move those used mugs, organise those documents and to keep your desk clear and organised.

Ensure a comfortable climate

You would be surprised at how the human mind looks for excuses not to be productive. The temperature is slightly off, there is a draft coming through the window, the chair is too low or uncomfortable… these are but a few of the excuses you could come up with not to work to your potential if you really put your mind to it. So, before sitting down to do some work, ensure that every aspect of your work environment that could distract you with discomfort is seen to where possible.

Eliminating distractions

Turn off your phone, block those troublesomely tempting and time-wasting websites that you start your day on, go to the bathroom, respond to emails and turn them off or hand a ‘do-not-disturb’ sign outside of your office window. Distractions can quickly become an excuse to procrastinate, so make it part of your routine to eliminate them before you begin working.

Keeping schedule

Forget those lofty dreams of powering through your nine-to-five in one fluid motion, as a human your capabilities are limited. To ensure maximum productivity, set yourself a rigid schedule of work hours and breaks, and be sure to stick to it. Many offices pace researchers actually recommend using a timer to do this.

Holding on to fleeting thoughts

A massive distraction for many workers is the arrival of sudden ideas and the resultant need to hang on to them. This might cause you to abandon your current objective to work on your new thought; which is essentially not going to get you anywhere. So, give these new ideas the respect and chance that they are due without making current sacrifices by keeping a notebook close at hand to jot down ideas that can be worked on when time allows for it.

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