Why coworking in Cape Town can tame a high staff turnover

The most effective way to avoid high staff turnover is to hire the right people the first time. It also comes down to cultivating a healthy and supportive work environment where they can excel.

Coworking spaces in the Mother City and the country have steadily grown in popularity as a remedy to traditional offices. Thoughtfully designed to promote productivity (and creativity!), these innovative hubs continue to lure in local businesses and talented professionals. Along with those seeking a healthier work-life balance.

Attract new talent, inspire long-term loyalty and retain top employees with coworking in Cape Town. Here are a few tips on how:

More flexibility.

“It’s no secret that the pandemic sparked a heightened appetite for more relaxed working arrangements,” says Louis Fourie, Founder of Venture Workspace. “If you’re not offering employees more freedom around their work hours and locations, chances are they might easily leave you for someone who will.”.

Coworking is a growing alternative to traditional offices. These spaces offer tailor-made packages to support a business’s individual needs. The best part? No lump sum deposits or binding lease contracts where you’re locked in for a year or two.

“There’s no need to sink capital into an office that only gets used two or three times a week or to force your staff to be there simply because you’re paying for it,” adds Fourie. “The option of several desk layouts within a coworking space also means that as your team grows, your office can grow too.”.

Creating a company culture.

For some, coworking in Cape Town will likely conjure up an image of hip young techies. Young artsy-types with over-ear AirPods, Macs, and reusable coffee cups firmly in hand. In reality, coworking spaces have become the holy grail for a diverse mix of business professionals. Coworking attracts individuals from various industries.

“The sheer variety of people in one space appeals to those wanting to work in a dynamic environment where they can connect and interact with others,” Louis explains. “If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that isolation isn’t good for business or our mental health.” .

With dedicated communal areas, bright modern interiors and support staff on-hand, coworking spaces make work fun. They provide a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome and cared for.

The one thing coworking spaces have which many traditional offices often don’t is a sense of community and togetherness, says Louis.

While everyone has their own personal tasks, the energy of everyone working, collaborating and creating within one space is palpable. Instead of feeling isolated at home, your employees can enjoy total peace of mind working alongside their colleagues. It also fosters a feeling of belonging and, ultimately, brand loyalty.


“From exceptional views of our Mother City, to top-notch coffee, coworking in Cape Town, guarantees an endless list of value-adds to entice new hires and delight your current employees,” Louis adds.

He further highlights the available amenities. Often offering high-speed fibre, filtered water, air-conditioning, comfortable desks, printers, and scanners. These spaces provide everything you could want or need for your business to run like a well-oiled machine.

Providing the correct tools will enable your team to focus on what they’re good at. No one wants to spend hours looking for printer ink or struggling with slow connectivity, which can push even the most resilient worker beyond breaking point!

“Each coworking company and space is different, but here at Venture Workspace, we’ve also carefully considered suburban areas instead of the CBD through our expansion. That way, your staff can be closer to home and avoid unnecessary traffic congestion.”.

Not a worthy incentive for employees? Perhaps generators, bottomless coffee, and secure parking facilities will.

Interested in the full benefits of coworking in Cape Town? Whether you’re an SMME, freelancer, or part of a multinational corporate brand, we’ve got an office location and package to suit just about any business or budget. Contact our team here to find out more.

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