Why Cape Town coworking spaces are worth the commute in winter

It’s winter in Cape Town. You’re fumbling around the house still wrapped in your duvet, desperately clutching your cup of coffee. You look out the window and decide to spend one more day working from home…

While most of us in the Mother City are familiar with this scenario, we also know that it’s not always healthy or productive. If you’re looking to break that stay-at-home habit, here’s why our Cape Town coworking spaces are well worth the commute this winter:

Cape Town coworking spacesThe sun always shines in a coworking office

There are no two ways about it. Most Capetonains dislike the cold. It takes a lot to get us outdoors, let alone into our cars during a cold spell. We need a reason – and a good one at that! 

Fortunately, most Cape Town coworking spaces have mastered the ‘more carrot less stick’ approach to creating a work environment brimming with every comfort and convenience. 

“Our offices at the Sanctuary Shopping Centre provide a professional environment with lightning-fast internet, a steamy cup of coffee, and friendly service with a smile,” says Lize Craddock, Venture Workspace, Somerset West. 

“The environment is so warm and welcoming, that you’ll quickly forget that it’s cold and grey outside. For me, coworking is like a cure-all for those winter blues since it’s a great space to see new faces every day and create valuable work connections within a range of exciting industries.”

Bundle up and get down to business

“A primary incentive to make the winter commute to our Cape Town coworking spaces is the high level of productivity you will feel,” says Claudine Le Tape, Venture Workspace, Claremont. 

Aside from achieving the simple task of getting dressed and out of the house (a mental hurdle for most remote professionals!), coworking spaces are always clean, organised. They are purposefully designed to encourage you to get things done. There’s ergonomic furniture to look forward to, a comfortable indoor temperature and a range of ancillary services at your fingertips. These services include meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, scanners, and printers. 

“It’s worth braving the winter chill to avoid that noisy construction work outside your bedroom window or those unexpected power cuts. All our offices come well-equipped with generators to ensure you maintain your workflow,” she adds. 

Coworking is closer than you think

Whether you live in Cape Town, Joburg, Durban or somewhere in between, no South African likes a long commute. Fortunately, with coworking becoming as popular as it has, more offices are now cropping up closer to suburban areas, making them much easier to reach. 

“In our case, we’ve established offices in the suburbs around the CBD so that our clients can feel closer to home, avoid traffic, but most of all, bad weather,” says Suzanne Taylor, Venture Workspace, Constantia.

“Here at our offices at the Constantia Emporium Mall, we’re a complete one-stop-shop where you can get your work done, then stroll over to grab some groceries or get your hair done all under one roof. This alone makes our space a worthwhile incentive to brave the cold. Since you’ll only really need to leave the house once a day.”

Whether you want to escape the nose-tingling temperatures of winter or need a change in scenery, our Cape Town coworking spaces are always at their blissful best. Contact the Venture Workspace team to find out about our bespoke business packages. 

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