Which is better? Co-working Spaces vs Home Offices

Co-working spaces vs home offices – which is better?  Every working person has had to consider a remote working option in their career as a back up at some point.

If you own a business or work remotely, you might be wondering what option is better for you. This is a decision you will have to make at some point, considering you may have encountered some obstacles working and living under the same roof. As with anything, there is an extensive list of pros and cons that come with working from home. Here are a few to consider. 

Benefits of Co-working 

Utilising co-working spaces can have many advantages, as they are equipped with all the necessary technology and spacing you will need for the optimal functioning of your business. It houses spaces that are shared by a community of people from different industries, which allows the opportunity to network with innovators and entrepreneurs.

Co-working spaces provide a variety of benefits over both traditional and home offices. The cost of shared office space is much lower than your traditional office, making it a feasible option for freelancers and remote workers. Co-working spaces typically offer flexible memberships, on a day-to-day, or month-to-month basis. This allows you to explore your options for your work arrangement as your business grows or changes.

Which is better for Productivity?

You might often find yourself working from 7am till 7pm due to distractions around the house, when your hours are supposed to be 9am till 5pm. Having a dedicated space to work will increase productivity and help you manage your time throughout the day without any distractions! Having a dedicated office space to meet clients and have social interaction, does increase job satisfaction. It also greatly aids productivity because everyone is renting a space for the same reason. 

Both options are considerably more cost-effective and adaptable to your needs than leasing a full-time office space. Considering all the numerous factors when determining which options make sense for your business, don’t get bound to only one option just yet. Divide your time between working from home and co-working spaces and decide which is better for your individual needs.

Choosing the right Co-working location

The world is adapting to the rapid change of moving into co-working spaces in order to cut costs. It also helps you to be more productive and holds many other benefits for businesses or individuals. However, not all co-working spaces are the same. Some might offer more benefits or key features for an office environment, others more a creative space. Consider all factors carefully when choosing a shared office space that works for you and the functionality of your business. 

There is a lot to consider around these two options , ultimately it will come down to personal experience and preference. Why don’t you book a space at one of our co working spaces and see for yourself what it’s about? It will certainly help you decide which is better for your needs! Get in touch with us today to avoid the disappointment of a missed opportunity! 

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