Where Are You Working? Here’s How Coworking Spaces Increase Productivity

It’s no secret that the demand for coworking spaces is on the rise across South Africa. Aside from flexible contracts, and minimal start-up costs, there’s another significant benefit: coworking spaces increase productivity.

In a Business.com 2023 survey, one in two reported a rise in income since coworking, with 45% noting improved mental well-being.

“For those looking for a ‘middle ground’ with their teams between an office and their homes, the hybrid working model remains the best option and that’s where coworking fits in,” says Lize Craddock, Center Manager Somerset West. 

“Ultimately coworking is a concept centering on giving people what they need – and never knew they needed – to work better, smarter, and most importantly, with elevated enjoyment.”  

If your next business goal is to increase your income or to simply look forward to opening your laptop each day, read on for a deep dive into how coworking spaces increase productivity. 

Everything you need

It’s no secret that coworking spaces are designed with functionality and comfort in mind. From room layout and desk arrangement to lighting choice and ancillary services (connectivity, reliable power, office equipment, and support teams), every aspect contributes to shaping the atmosphere and culture within your business.

“One thing coworking does well is creating a workspace conducive to working, and not like a robot, but a human being,” Louis adds. “Yes, we have a functional layout and various comforts such as chill zones, and excellent coffee, but we’ve also considered additional factors like secure parking and ease of access. The majority of our offices are situated in suburban areas to reduce commuting times and traffic frustrations. Our proximity to lifestyle centres means you can run errands, pick up the groceries or even hit the gym in between emails.” 

Less isolation & disinterest

According to this survey conducted by local recruitment agency Michael Page, around 63% of South African professionals reported an increase in their productivity levels while working from home. However, despite evidence showing that employees tend to have a more positive view of remote and work-from-home scenarios, there is increasing evidence of increased loneliness and isolation in a home-based environment. 

With this, Louis highlights how coworking gets the balance just right in creating a community-based environment that’s inviting, but not intrusive: “At our coworking offices, you can benefit from human connection without unnecessary or unwanted interactions. Everyone is respectful, with the option to socialise being there if and when you want it, be it from colleagues or other professionals sharing the space.”

He further highlights the value of creating an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable workspace to inspire teams. “It signals to your teams that you care about them and when they feel cared for, they’re more likely to care for your clients and the daily work they’re doing to achieve the company mission.”

Reduced distractions

While home offices have their advantages, coworking spaces provide a plethora of benefits that make them the superior choice. In a recent study from The Instant Group, only 27% of people rate their productivity as excellent when working from home.

“The choice between home and office is not always enough,” Louis explains.“Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicated, distraction-free area in their homes to work in. If one is not careful in setting strict boundaries, the lines can also blur between work and life, particularly if you share your home with kids and other family members.”

He highlights how coworking spaces have clear rules for social and personal and social conduct and noise levels, further emphasising accountability.  

“Ultimately, it helps to have somewhere neutral to go where you can focus and get your work done rather than getting sucked into home chores or plonking on the couch for a little longer than you should,” he concludes.  
Now that you know that coworking spaces increase productivity, are you ready to join us? We have three offices available in Constantia, Claremont, Somerset West in Cape Town, and our fourth at Cedar Square branch in Fourways, Johannesburg.

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