The Popularity Of Hot Desking

Over the last few decades, many new trends have come and gone in workplaces, and hot desking is one of the latest trends.

So, what is hot desking? It can be seen as the sharing of one work desk/station between several employees. Employees sharing a desk normally have no set workspace and just go camp out at whichever desk is open. Employees will normally only work at a workstation as needed for different time periods.

But does it actually work?

Understandably, hot desking sounds like a novel concept. While it sounds great in theory, is it actually practical? Surprisingly so!  Switching your desk up every so often gives you the opportunity to move around. It also provides the opportunity to meet new people in a new workspace. Furthermore, some experts say that hot desking is great for increased levels of communications and that it improves professional relationships.

Just think about it for a minute. Usually, you’re confined to one desk in a conventional office, often for the majority of the year. And while it’s great to form close-knit relationships within your inner circle, it’s not so great for meeting new people. Or for building better bonds across the business and not just in the circle you usually operate in. Apart from widening your social circle, hot desking can also contribute to widening your skill set when working alongside other experts. Best way to pick up some things you never heard of before.

So, if you are looking for a way to promote modern workplace life – this is definitely a great idea to look into.

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