Fully serviced office

What is a Fully Serviced Office?

I’m sure many of have wondered in the past what a ‘fully serviced office’ means. Because, after all, it is a relatively modern concept.  It is possible that you might not have even heard of this term. I didn’t know what it meant either until a couple of years back. A fully serviced workspace is a very flexible workspace where the focus is on affordability. This makes it ideal for small and start-up businesses.

There are normally short-term leases available, ranging from a week to a year, and sometimes you can even rent an office for a day.  Such workspaces normally offer a variety of services and utilities. Our amenities include a reception area (with a receptionist), office furniture, conference and meeting areas, a kitchen that is loaded with unlimited coffee and tea (and not Ricoffy if you know what I mean!), a lounge, and an outside area.

Some of them also have additional things like a pool table and PlayStation. Our coworking workspaces also have parking areas, unlimited Wi-Fi and cleaning staff to keep your working environment kept clean and tidy. Venture Workspace is a fully & happily serviced office rental and co-working space!

Because, let’s be honest, working from home has its fair share of perks. But sometimes we just need the company of like-minded individuals to get the day off to a great start.  Work with the team, work alone or work with perfect strangers – it’s up to you.

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