Co-working Spaces in Cape Town: See Why It’s Loved!

If you thought only techies and designers reside at co-working spaces in Cape Town, think again. The real magic of a co-working space is not just in the eclectic furniture, but in it’s diverse mix of business professionals.

Curious about the people who inhabit these shared co-working spaces? Take a look at a few of our own Venture Workspace members and discover what they do and why they love the co-working culture: 

Khululeka Grief Support

Based in Cape Town, Khululeka Grief Support is a non-profit organisation specialising in mental health support programmes. Their programmes focus on child and adolescent grief.

How did Khululeka begin?

Khululeka Grief Support was founded in 2005. This was pre the rollout of ARVs, in response to the HIV pandemic, where countless children were orphaned. Sadly, one in five South African children have lost a parent often due to AIDS. However, GBV, gang violence, and accidents also contribute to the high and increasing adult mortality in the country. 

Our Mission:

Research shows that bereaved children are at risk for developing depression, problems at school, behavioral problems, and substance abuse. Our Vision is a South Africa, where every grieving child and adolescent has access to support.  A secure place they can come to for healing to improve the trajectory of their lives.

Tell us about your services?

We train professionals and others working in government and the NPO sector to recognise and support grief in their beneficiaries within their own settings and communities. 

We are reliant on government and donor funding to run our organisation.

What do you love about co-working spaces in Cape Town?

We recently joined Venture Work Space and are looking forward to the ease of working in this modern office environment, coupled with the support services they provide. Compared to a traditional or home office, there’s a certain magic about mingling with professionals in a co-working space. 

Where can others find out about you? 

We are based at the Claremont co-working space. You can get in touch with us directly via email: or phone: (+27) 21 685 1128

Anomalous Technologies 

Spearheaded by Cape Town developer, Christo Goosem, Anomalous Technologies specialises in data anomaly products and consulting services within various technology fields. 

What services do you offer?

As our tagline states, we help find the needles in data haystacks. We offer consulting services and build products within the DevOps, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, and Tech startup areas. An anomaly is something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. Which is why we aim to operate outside of the norm.

Describe your ideal client

Our ideal client includes any start-up operation building a service or app. We work with SMEs embarking on their digitalization journey and established companies hitting scale or stumbling over those hard-to-solve tech problems. 

One of the biggest achievements we hold was assisting a client in winning the MTN Financial App of the Year Award in 2018.

What do you like most about co-working spaces at Venture Workspace?

We enjoy the networking opportunities and seeing what others are working on. Overall, the social component wins us over. Additionally, the aspect of sitting amongst hard-working individuals – it offers a kind of pseudo accountability for your time. 

The boardrooms are great for hosting in-person meetings, but it’s also easier to rebreathe our own crazy or ill-conceived ideas here than at home. 

How can others connect with Anamolous Technologies? 

On LinkedIn (Christo Goosen), Twitter, and GitHub.

Hey Jude

Launched in 2017, Hey Jude is a personal assistant app combining artificial intelligence with the human touch. Users can request almost anything, from restaurant bookings, deliveries, and quotes to various service providers using voice or text messages. The interface connects the person with one of their trained operators/agents, called Judes.

What problem do you solve with your services at Hey Jude? 

At Hey Jude, we assist companies deliver high-quality customer service. By using our digital solution, they can  access client data and make use of valuable insights to improve their products or service offering. 

We assist businesses to ensure their employees are well looked after. Our services help business leaders nurture greater productivity, improve retention and reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

Getting help through everyday problems

Our direct-to-consumer product offering through Hey Jude is the ideal app for users who need access to a human-powered digital assistant.    

Describe your clients

Our clients are any corporate business wanting to improve their customer experience or create a healthy and positive company culture for their employees.

Describe the pros of co-working spaces in Cape Town like Venture Workspace?

At Venture Workspace, everything is managed so we don’t need to lift a finger because our ‘landlord’ is flexible and highly accommodating. This is perfect for when we need to scale up or down, as needed. 

Where can other co-workers connect with you?

They can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

Interested in joining our Venture Workspace community? Get in touch with our team today, and let’s help get you settled in at one of our three co-working spaces in Cape Town.

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