It is with much excitement that we are looking forward to the final development phase and launch of the new Constantia Checkers Emporium. Centre Management, their associates and respective trading partners, are working hard towards finalising details that will see the opening of the centre just before the start of the 2019 festive season.


This exciting new retail complex just off the M3 highway will offer shoppers a range of variety in high-end outlets including restaurants and designer home shops. Venture Workspace will feature prominently in the Constantia Checkers Emporium and provide the local business community with an innovative and all-inclusive solution to office space rentals – introducing coworking and flexible workspaces as an alternative.


Our new offices are well located and bring together some of the most up to date elements of contemporary design. Fitted in an ergonomically sensible style, the shared workspace will be facilitated by communal open plan hot desks, offices and meeting rooms – all geared towards efficiency, comfort and high networking probability. Customers are afforded workspace compliance with the technology and services needed for the smart and effective running of their daily business.

Our strong focus on client service underpins our business support and maintaining the streamlined management of administrative processes relevant to the coworking environment.


Dedicated phone lines are supplied complete with company specific answering services and message holding functions. A local area network and intranet, supported on the backbone of our always-on fibre internet connection, ensures fast and stable up-and download speeds with data allocated according to the different packages available.


Controlled access and centre security ensure clients’ security and peace of mind 24/7- providing a relaxed yet industrious working atmosphere. The convenience of our shared kitchen area also encourages free social flow and good coffee is always up for grabs.


The concept of flexible workspace and coworking is exponentially increasing in global popularity and is currently seen trending among freelancing professionals, small to medium-sized entrepreneurs, start-up teams and out-of-town professionals visiting the area on business.


Advantages of Shared Workspaces


Some of the advantages of coworking, to mention a few, are expanded scalability and cost. Without being locked into a long-term lease and the gloom of penalties and unforeseen fees, flexible workspace allows individuals to easily up- or downscale on their workspace agreement, avoiding unnecessary commitment constraints.


Our facility was designed for optimal productivity. By us servicing some of the more traditional administrative office tasks, you are left free to focus more on customer relations, perform logistical and operational duties and apply time and details important to the growth of your business.


Because of our prime location, you will additionally find it easy to maximise on increased networking opportunities and capitalise on the surrounding conveniences for business meetings and appointments.


Co-Workers & Networking


The nature of coworking lends itself to the association of like-minded professionals. There are no limits to the possibilities when working in an area closely populated by other skilled professionals. You are instantly given access to a business community where rubbing shoulders with a potential investor, business partner or other people of consequence, is not uncommon or unheard of.


Being part of a think-tank, concept innovation is a natural and obvious by-product. Suddenly it becomes easier to notice a previous challenge and reflect on it as an unexplored opportunity! Right there, coworking has become a creative asset – one more cog in the wheel of moving your business forward.


We will be offering competitive rental rates. Keep an eye out for some of our unbeatable opening specials. Please contact our friendly support staff,, for details of our different rental options. Venture Workspace Constantia opens on 1 December 2019.