Renting an Office Space for the First Time

Decide if you really need the office space

Businesses used to depend on dedicated offices in order to survive. But many entrepreneurs today are doing just fine with rented office space. If your business can function in a rental office space, you can save yourself and your company a lot of money and time.

Choose a location close to the team

If it’s absolutely essential for your team to have a dedicated office space, then the location is most likely a very important consideration when thinking about renting your first office space. The first thing would be to ensure that the offices are close enough for all your employees to get to.

Easily accessible to others

You are also going to have to think about your clients when choosing the location. You should consider things like, are the offices easily accessible from public transportation or freeways? Will they find it easily enough?

Nearby amenities

When renting your first office space you should consider the nearby amenities. Your team will most likely be happy to know that the offices are somewhat close to coffee shops or restaurants. It will also be beneficial to your business if the office space is close to meeting places, banks or other places you would be visiting often for business purposes. Have a budget in mind.
Once you’ve sorted out your budget, you’ll need to think about your budget. Choosing an office space that is going to put your business into too much debt is not a great idea. Crunch the numbers before you even begin to look for a budget that will let your business operate comfortably.

Extra expenses

There are a few other expenses that are easy to miss when going into renting office space. The actual paying rent part is just a piece of the puzzle for many properties. Those extra expenses can come as quite a shock if you’re not accounting for them in the original budget.

Venture Workspace is a Cape Town based office rental company. You will have easy access to both the M5 and M3 as well as different modes of public transport.

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