Look the Part: How Coworking Improves Your Professional Image

An often overlooked advantage of coworking spaces and serviced offices is access to a professional setting that can help establish a strong brand presence.  

“It’s true. Coworking improves your professional image,” says Louis Fourie, Founder of Venture Workspace. 

“Whether you’re a freelancer or small business, basing yourself in a business-oriented setting leaves a positive impression on clientele and partners. It’s a step above a coffee shop or your dining room. It legitimises you, helps build trust and establishes you as a professional in your field.” 

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, here’s how coworking improves your professional image and gives you a competitive edge.

Amplify your brand in a coworking space

“Coworking is more than just a desk, chair, coffee, and connectivity,” Louis adds. “It offers your business a springboard from which to grow, and a permanent address that’s not your home address.” 

Many entrepreneurs prefer not to use their home addresses due to privacy concerns. But ultimately, utilising a professional address and location for your operations further gives a nod to your brand credibility and reputation. 

“Establishing a neutral location for your business allows you to keep your personal and work activities apart. A dedicated office that’s not your home also makes face-to-face meetings with partners, investors, clients, potential employees, and legal professionals more manageable.” 

He further highlights how Venture Workspace branches provide reception areas with staff to welcome guests as well as call answering and transfer services. 

 “At Venture Workspace we give you full permission to puff up your chest as a business. Get your sign up outside your office, book our boardrooms for private meetings and events. We’ve also ensured that secure parking is available for your guests at each of our branches.”

Choosing the right coworking office

Since the time of the first coworking spaces (around 2005), over 14,000 have opened globally, providing independent workers and small businesses a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional offices.

“New spaces crop up every year in South Africa to the benefit of small business owners, but you still need to be discerning about where you choose to set up shop,” Louis explains. 

“Important factors to consider include location, facilities, and overall atmosphere. Seek out offices that align to your values as a brand. A clean and welcoming environment, not only looks good, but feels good to work in. This is particularly important to consider when hiring new employees and retaining current talent.”

While coworking improves your professional image, flexible packages increase their appeal to growing teams. “Many of our members have been able to stay with us because they can move to larger offices or simply rent an additional desk,” Louis says. “Committing to a professional space that caters to your operations is perfect for companies in expansion mode. It keeps things organised and that looks good to potential clients.”
Shared office environments are a secret weapon for small businesses and startups in South Africa seeking cost-effective facilities and professional offices. Our portfolio consists of offices in Constantia, Claremont, and Somerset West in the Western Cape, with our latest branch in Fourways, Johannesburg. Contact our team here for more details.

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