A simple decluttered desk promotes a clear mind, that will bring with it an increase in productivity. So the first thing we need to do is get rid of any unnecessary “stuff”. Notes from that client meeting from 3 weeks ago, a broken pen that hasn’t worked for 6 months and that empty photo frame you were given as a present last year, must all go!

OK, now that the unnecessary papers and broken stationery are all gone… look at what’s left and try and reduce that by half too! Yes, that’s right, your pile of business cards can go in a drawer. You don’t need that candle there – you’re never going to light it and it no longer has any scent! Declutter your desk.

That’s better. Your desk is now clean and tidy. Now let’s look at what’s going to further boost productivity…

Getting your computer or laptop to be at the right height, and in line with your line of sight when seated is regarded as the biggest improvement you can make to your wellbeing when working. Maybe you even want to incorporate a standing option – see our blog from last week on standing desks. If you are comfortable and have the right posture when working for long hours – you’ll be winning already.

Further increase your productivity levels by correcting the lighting on your desk. If you can work off natural light alone, this is best. If you can reposition your desk to face natural light and get rid of the artificial desk light – this will cause much less glare and pressure on your eyes.

Now that your area is neat and tidy, your posture is good and there isn’t strain on your eyes – you’ll be smiling. Round it off by becoming more productive with your day-to-day tools. Ditch that paper diary, the post-it notes that litter many desks and streamline your work life. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming posts this, and more!

Please share this with anyone else you think needs to declutter their desk!