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Hot-desking is a viable solution

The joy of working from home sounds great, but…

Through personal experience, it’s important to separate work from your personal environment and hot-desking is a viable solution. At home, It’s easy to get distracted, since the office is ‘so close’ it’s easy to put things off because you can just “nip” in and do it later. Add children into the mix and it becomes especially difficult.

Working from home sounds like a great idea. No traffic, jump out of bed, a quick shower and you’re in the office. But working from home isn’t as rosy as it appears. Soon enough, all kinds of hurdles appear.

I get distracted.

If you are one of those people who has no problem with distraction then well done. I for one have a hard time switching off. I’m “always mentally in the office” this means it’s difficult to be productive and equally tricky to relax. Having the office somewhere else forces me to switch off at home. It also means quality time for my family.

Enter hot-desking.

I always realised working from home wasn’t positive, but as I work for myself, I couldn’t afford to hire an office. A friend told me about hot-desking. I wish I’d discovered it so much sooner! It made the world of difference to me and my family life too. Once you know what it is, hot-desking is a viable solution.

What is hot desking?

Well, you hire a desk for the day, that’s it. It’s shared office space, and it’s super affordable too. There are several office providers to choose from and I did a lot of research. I chose Venture Workspace in Cape Town because they offered a great environment and a very affordable rate. I also really liked the people too!

So what does Venture Workspace in Cape Town offer?

  • A friendly environment.
  • Clean and quiet.
  • Air conditioning – cool summer days and warmer winter days.
  • Multiple options so I can downgrade or even upgrade at a later stage.
  • Flexible packages
  • 500 Meg Fibre connection.
  • Free pot coffee (I LOVE THIS)
  • A fully equipped kitchen.
  • Secure parking (Constantia)
  • Cavendish Mall – A quick walk from Claremont Workspace
  • Constantia Emporium – restaurants, up market supermarkets Constantia Workspace

No load-shedding at Constantia!

I had to put this one all on its own! Constantia has a generator, therefore no load shedding. Yes people, it’s only a matter of time before that gets back into full swing, we know this.


If you’re finding it hard to be productive working from home, I’d highly recommend looking at hot-desking as an option. The cost of investment vs the return of hassle free working will pay itself off.

2 Locations to choose from. Click either for more information.

Why not contact Venture Workspace today to find out more?


Full disclosure.

This is a personal review, my name is Greg Lumley I’m biased through the positive experience I’ve had at Venture Workspace. I’m a Cape Town based photographer and owner of a web development business, hot-desking has worked wonders for me and my business.


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