Fully serviced office space

Your Fully Serviced Office Space: A Life Saver During Load Shedding

You’re happily typing away, nailing that proposal that needs to go out this afternoon… and WHAM! Darkness in your fully serviced office space…

But that’s not what’s worrying you – as your eyes race towards your laptop’s battery indicator. 22%. Oh dear. Right… so we reach for the mobile phone to get the hotspot going. 13% battery there. Oh dear.

Unfortunately, this has become a common scenario for South Africans and the above is often a best-case scenario! During the frequent load shedding periods, the mobile networks struggle to cope with increased demand and the service is poor. Often you’ll end up not being able to work, and missing that deadline!

The savvy entrepreneur needs an easy solution. We asked Louis Fourie, Director of Venture Workspace, how he is addressing this problem for their tenants…

We have a large UPS in place that powers our server so you can stay connected to the internet during the load shedding period. The UPS is also strong enough to power our reception phone so we can still manage all incoming calls for our clients.  At the reception desk we also make available some plug points to charge your laptops and phones.”

So the lights won’t be on, but at least your business won’t grind to a holt. You’ll still be able to work online (it’s fast fibre!) and even take or receive calls via reception in your fully serviced office space. If your laptop battery is running low, you’ll be able to give it some juice from the plug points in reception.

Venture Workspace offers hot desks and serviced office space, on a daily or monthly basis. So you can pick and choose according to your unique requirements. And we don’t let load shedding get in the way of a productive day. Make your business “load shedding proof” and sign up today.

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