Co-Working Trend In Cape Town

Co-working or shared workspaces is a recent trend in the office and work environment rental industry that has grown exponentially in popularity and availability in the past 5-10 years. 

Cape Town, being compared to a silicon valley or “tech city” (as some have called it), is now host to over 50 coworking business/spaces and the number of companies offering this service to freelancers, start-ups and small-sized companies is rapidly increasing.

Flexibility in terms of not requiring members to sign contracts or fixed-term agreements, low once-off use cost, comprehensive amenities to service the needs of business people and workers, and the trendy and busy working environment makes these shared workspaces and offices especially appealing to the Cape Town workforce.

A Business Hub

The hype surrounding co-working and the industry initially started amongst young, new entrepreneurs looking for affordable and hassle-free rental options to satisfy their office needs. Coworking establishments in South Africa are quickly becoming more commonplace and its supporters find that they reap benefit from the fact that the shared workspaces become more than just a place to sit and work – the diaspora of business types that make use of the facilities contribute to making it a hub for sharing ideas and connecting with each other.

A “Gig Economy”

Economists refer to a shift in the global economic environment referred to as a “gig economy” – which refers to recent change in workers – freelancers and business people are as of late more inclined to engage in their own ventures and pursue private business opportunities than work for companies.

Corporates and large-scale businesses have caught onto the co-working trends and some have opted to add their own co-working spaces to accommodate the shift and capitalize on the marketability of such venues.


Venture Workspace is a flexible, shared workspace and office space rental company in Claremont, Cape Town near the M3 and M5 motorways. Offering competitive rates and comprehensive supportive service options to co-workers and businesses alike, we help you to focus on making your business a success.

We are expanding our reach to the Southern Suburbs in December this year with the launch of Venture Workspace Constantia in the new Constantia Emporium Mall on the M3 highway near the Ladies Mile off-ramp. Our Constantia location will be offering the same services and co-working amenities as Claremont, but will be one of the first to open in a shopping centre in South Africa. 

Read more about our new location here or on our blog page.