Coworking in 2024: An Antidote to SA’s Changes & Challenges

2024 will be the biggest election year in history. Along with South Africa, more than 60 countries are heading to the polls in the coming months. 

“Global elections this year will determine the leadership of over 40% of the world’s population, so it’s crucial to take note of what’s happening and when, and how it could affect your business,” says Louis Fourie, Founder of Venture Workspace.

“As we know from history, election time in South Africa generally proves a ripe target for national disruptions, followed by potential shifts in industry-specific legislation. Considering our current challenges, now is the time to place an even stronger focus on creating greater agility and adaptability.”

Over the last decade, coworking spaces in South Africa have emerged as dynamic hubs for SMEs who are more vulnerable to risk. Here’s how shifting to this model can help increase your business resilience and keep you prepared for major swings in 2024. 

Move over, rigid office

By opting for coworking in 2024, South African professionals can significantly reduce overhead costs associated with traditional office leases. These measures can help free up capital that can be redirected towards other critical areas of their operations. 

“Whether you’re a startup in its infancy, or a remote team needing one central base, with coworking, you’re not bound to a long-term lease. SMEs can make strategic decisions swiftly, without financial penalties and the added frustrations that come along with it,” Louis adds. 

In a country defined by constant change and challenges, adaptable businesses that are quick to respond to shifts are the ones that thrive. 

“At Venture Workspace, we genuinely want you to succeed. This is why we don’t bog people down with lump sum deposits or suppressive one-size-fits-all contracts. Instead, we offer cost-effective customised packages on a daily or monthly basis, depending on your specific needs.” 

The flexibility that comes with coworking in 2024 will allow SMEs to scale up and down in the coming months without restrictions. “This further safeguards their financial stability during times of political disruption and general uncertainty,” Louis adds.  

Zero set-up costs. Yes, please!

Coworking in 2024 provides an environment in which people who work for different companies (or for themselves) share space, and equipment. Due to this, general operating expenses are much lower in a coworking space as opposed to a traditional office. 

“We provide essential tools and resources smaller businesses might struggle to provide upfront, such as office furniture, generators, fibre internet, daily cleaning and support staff. We’ve taken the time to create productive spaces to work regardless of external circumstances. Losing valuable employees is a risk in itself, so there’s a definite incentive to create a well-managed and convivial environment for your team.”

He further highlights fewer administrative challenges and financial outlay associated with physically moving your business: “There are no cancellation penalties from service providers or deposit disputes with questionable landlords. You also don’t need to hire a moving company to help get you out or in. Just bring your laptop and your favourite coffee cup, and you’re good to go.”

Looking ahead…

Given the current political climate, It’s evident that coworking in 2024 is here to stay, with a growing community of hybrid and remote workers. A recent BrandMapp survey of 35,000 South African respondents shows that a staggering 56% of employed adults were either still permanently working from home or heading into the office part-time.

“With the launch of our fourth Venture Workspace branch in Johannesburg, we’re looking forward to welcoming even more like-minded professionals through our doors,” Louis adds. “By leveraging our resources and leasing flexibility, remote businesses and independent contractors can better position themselves for growth this year despite disruptions within our borders or elsewhere in the world,” he concludes.
Ready to join us? We have three offices available in Constantia, Claremont, Somerset West in Cape Town and our fourth at Cedar Square branch in Fourways, Johannesburg

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