Coworking for Business Relocation? Here’s How to Find the Right Space

Whether you’re relocating locally or abroad, moving your residence and business is guaranteed to be costly. But that’s exactly why coworking proves a beneficial solution, according to our Venture Workspace Founder, Louis Fourie.  

“With flexible rates and lease-free agreements, coworking proves the most risk-averse and affordable choice for business relocation across South Africa,” he explains.  

Following recent changes in government, semigration, the process of relocating within one’s own country, continues to gain momentum across South Africa. Data from Stats SA’s 2023 Migration Profile Report spotlights rising inter-provincial migration, with 295,908 people arriving in the Western Cape and 512,488 heading into Gauteng.  

“Remote work is on the rise. Many more people are on the move. And with that, we’re going to see an increasing demand for workspaces better suited to flexible lifestyles. Despite our cautious optimism, uncertainty is ever-present. It just doesn’t make sense to lock yourself into a long-term lease in a place you’re not guaranteed to remain.” 

If you’re new to the concept, a coworking space is a professional environment where professionals from different businesses and industries share an office space. Members take up residency with flexible agreements. Rental fees, furniture, IT, cleaning, and support services are covered in one package. 

“With zero set-up required, coworking for business relocation offers business continuity and general stability amidst the stress of moving and or getting acclimated to a new city,” Louis adds.  

He offers the following tips for before considering coworking for business relocation: 

  • Accessibility 

With a higher influx of professionals heading into Gauteng and the Western Cape, Louis urges remote workers in these regions to carefully consider commuting time coupled with traffic and parking issues. 

“Before you decide on a coworking office, you’ll want to ensure it is easy to reach from several surrounding suburbs not just for you, but your employees and clients. CBD’s may technically be the most central but getting in and out efficiently is another issue.” 

  • Atmosphere 

Wherever you relocate to, it’s important that your new shared workspace feels inviting and professional. “Is it clean? Are the facilities well-maintained? Is the space managed professionally with minimal distractions? These are important questions to ask before relocating your business into a shared workspace,” urges Louis.  

Before making the move into a coworking space, he reminds professionals to request a trial day to get a feel for the space. “This can help with managing expectations, particularly within your team.”

  • Workspace amenities 

“Don’t get distracted by too many bells and whistles. Great coffee and social events can only work their magic up until a certain point. Prioritise secure parking, high-speed connectivity, and reliable backup power,” Louis adds. 

“At our Venture Workspace branches, we’ve also been careful to position ourselves close to lifestyle centres and shopping malls so professionals can directly access every convenience. They can grab groceries, hit the gym, or get their hair cut all between meetings and emails.” 

Downsizing your company? Seeking a temporary workspace while you relocate? We offer flexible packages at our workspaces in Constantia, Claremont, and Somerset West in the Western Cape, and our latest branch in Fourways, Johannesburg. Contact our team here for more details. *Visiting South Africa from abroad? South Africa now offers remote working visas for foreign professionals working remotely.

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