In its simplest and most original form, coworking may be defined as both a place for individual entrepreneurs, freelancers and businessmen to sit down and work, and as a community for them to meet, engage and connect with each other.

Typically, a coworking community would exist first or stem from a cultural or industry-related event or gathering and thereafter a coworking ‘space’ would be established in the wake thereof. Coworking communities combine a modern; hard-working philosophy with informal, social and freely collaborative elements to help cultivate the sharing of ideas and concepts, and to spark potential business dealings amongst themselves.


An unusual amalgam of the words ‘coworking’ and ‘corporate’, Corpoworking is defined as the two words together might imply: coworking spaces in corporate establishments, companies and business.

Originally adopted by larger corporates to capitalize on the original coworking form’s exponential success – and to damper the negative impact this had on the favourability of more traditional corporate-style working environments, Corpoworking tries to incorporate some of the key elements of coworking into the rigid corporate environment.

This form is typically found in larger companies where a coworking “space” would be added in to the midst of the corporate setup. Some of these Corpoworking spaces are even located on separate premises.


Venture Workspace cultivates a collaborative and professional ecosystem/community of coworkers at its two locations in Claremont and Constantia.

Our workspace environments and service offering include:

  • Hot Desking
  • Dedicated Desks
  • Private Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Board Rooms and
  • Virtual Office Services


Please visit our coworking page for more information.