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Cape Town coworking spaces: Find your balance in 2022

As a little-known secret, Cape Town coworking spaces have been available since long before the pandemic. But these concepts are gaining momentum amongst remote workers looking to optimise their productivity.

With the promise of flexibility, a change in environment, and a chance to re-connect with others, these community-based enterprises are ticking all the right boxes for remote teams seeking a greater work-life equilibrium.

Finding a work-life balance

Chances are, you are familiar with the term, ‘work-life balance’ but the reality is ‘real’ now than ever before. Being a devoted family member as well as a high-performing professional is a balancing act everybody wants to master.

However, many remote workers struggle to focus when working at home and rightly so. A home is a dedicated place for kicking off our shoes and pouring a glass of something lovely. But with family members and pets (and noisy neighbours) often sharing the space, a home is not always conducive to Zoom calls and double screens.   

Coworking spaces in Cape Town and further afield, have managed to bridge the gap for those who don’t want their homes to double up as offices. With a dedicated place, you can reach a level of neutrality for healthy boundaries. Thus ensuring work doesn’t spill into your home life and it prevents your home life from interfering with your work. The lines blur both ways.

At coworking spaces, remote professionals have the freedom to be productive and task-focused in such a way that it doesn’t take away from life’s happiness; it adds to it.

The drive to community and fellowship

Working remotely on your own can get lonely. That’s the hard truth. If you’ve hit a point where you feel isolated and are craving human connection or to feel part of a community, a coworking space could just hit the sweet spot.

In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons these concepts have experienced consistent growth since South Africa’s initial hard lockdown.

Linchpins for community-building, these hubs offer welcoming environments with, you guessed it, people! With a broad mix of companies and skilled individuals sharing a space, you’re guaranteed to bump shoulders with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other creatives with whom you can chat to, learn from, and potentially even do business with. 

Coworking spaces, like ours at Venture Workspace, proactively offer opportunities for their members to engage and connect with each other through areas or events specifically designed for socialising. You also get to eyeball how others work, and perhaps pick up a few tips and tricks along the way to better your own routines and systems.

At the end of the day being around other people working reinforces the sense that you share a common mission. When people feel connected through a common goal, it generally improves their overall satisfaction with their work. This, in a nutshell, is the heart and soul of coworking spaces and why they’re so successful.

Everything to encourage productivity

Coworking spaces in Cape Town offer all the resources you could ever want and need to run a business, the most crucial elements being fast, reliable Wi-Fi, and great coffee.

Each space differs, but generally you’ll have direct access to photocopying machines, scanners, air quality (aka air-con), and dedicated meeting rooms. What’s more, you can also choose how you want to work. Whether it be at a hot desk, an assigned desk, or a private office (with all options serviced daily).

There are also dedicated relaxation spaces for when you need to catch a break or want to brainstorm, but above all else, there’s electricity. With our uniquely South African situation of load-shedding, the majority of coworking spaces like ours have made generators essential. 

Having all the right resources at your fingertips plays a big role in determining work performance and productivity. As you can meet your deadlines efficiently. Look forward to taking time off and engaging in other hobbies and passions you enjoy outside of the grind.

Where do I find Cape Town coworking spaces?

If 2022 is the year you reconnect to others, build up your network and get things done, it might be time to take a closer look at the benefits of Cape Town coworking spaces like ours at Venture Workspace. 

Looking for your ‘place’? Drop us a mail or call our team directly. We’d love to tell you more about our community and our coworking spaces in Claremont, Constantia, and Somerset West.

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