From Coworking To Corpoworking

In its simplest and most original form, coworking may be defined as both a place for individual entrepreneurs, freelancers and businessmen to sit down and work, and as a community for them to meet, engage and connect with each other...

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The Start Of Coworking

Bernie De Koven, an America Computer Game Designer and Author, is commonly given credit for first using the word "Coworking" in 1999 to describe 'collaborative work sessions' between programmers and IT professionals during the time when computer technology and the now massive and global IT industry was starting to boom.

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Shared office provider Venture Workspace opens in the suburbs

Landlords rent to a shared work-space provider, which then sublets to individuals, small businesses and other tenants.

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Work-life balance tops 2020 New Year

In a recent workforce survey done by Cape Town co-working company Venture Workspace, the most popular New Year resolution for 2020 is to achieve better work-life balance.

Read this article from Biz Community where Venture Workspace owner, Louis Fourie, shares his knowledge on working and maintaining a healthy balance.

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The Co-Working Trend In Cape Town

Co-working or shared workspaces is a recent trend in the office and work environment rental industry that has grown exponentially in popularity and availability in the past 5-10 years. 

Cape Town, being compared to a silicon valley or “tech city” (as some have called it), is now host to over 50 coworking business/spaces and the number of companies offering this service to freelancers, start-ups and small-sized companies is rapidly increasing.

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Co-Working At Constantia Shopping Centre

Venture Workspace is one of the leaders in co-working, hot desking, office rentals and meeting rooms to hire in South Africa and we’re one of the first to bring our serviced workspaces to the retail sector, opening in the new Constantia Emporium shopping centre on 1 December 2019!

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Workspace Layouts To Increase Concentration And Boost Productivity

Whether you work from home, in the corner office with the window or from a dynamically serviced office space that is rented on a long or short term basis, much of your business success and productivity is tied to your ability to focus for long periods of time.

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Renting Your First Office Space

Decide if you really need the office space. Businesses used to depend on dedicated offices in order to survive. But many entrepreneurs today are doing just fine with rented office space...

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The Popularity Of Hot-Desking

Have you ever wondered what hot desking is? I mean sure you kind of know what it is, but you didn’t know it is called hot desking. I didn’t know – that is for sure!

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What Does 'Fully Serviced' Mean?

I am sure many of have wondered in the past what a ‘fully serviced’ workspace means, as it is a relatively modern concept.  It is possible that you might not have even heard of this term. I didn’t know what it meant either until a couple of years back.

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Nevermind The Lights. Keep The WiFi On!

You’re happily typing away, nailing that proposal that needs to go out this afternoon… and WHAM! Darkness…

But that’s not what’s worrying you – as your eyes race towards your laptop’s battery indicator. 22%. Oh dear. Right… so we reach for the mobile phone to get the hotspot going. 13% battery there. Oh dear.

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standing Desks

You’ve seen the new woman working in a nearby office with a weird standing desk thingy, right? You’ve wondered what that’s all about, and carried on walking.

Standing desks are the latest trend in desk swag. OK, admittedly desk and chair trends don’t get that exciting – but could this be worth considering? It has medical benefits right? Yes, it does. But it could also take you to the other side of the scale


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How To Declutter Your Desk For Increased Productivity

A simple decluttered desk promotes a clear mind, that will bring with it an increase in productivity. So the first thing we need to do is get rid of any unnecessary “stuff”. Notes from that client meeting from 3 weeks ago, a broken pen that hasn’t worked for 6 months and that empty photo frame you were given as a present last year, must all go..

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8 Unique Cape Town Co-Working Spaces and Hot Desk Spots

Claim your spot at these cool co-working spaces around Cape Town, each offering something different to maximise productivity

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32 of the Best Co-working / Start-Up Spaces around Cape Town 2019

Start-ups have hit the Mother City by storm, with the city constantly demanding innovation, Co-working spaces have become the latest craze. From hot desks to shared spaces, we have got you covered!

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Shared Office Space

Freelancers, consultants and private proprietors understand the challenges of ideal space in which to work. For many business people, their success depends on their ability to operate out of a serviced office space that is outfitted with everything needed to remain productive.

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Best Co-Working Spaces In Cape Town

Cape Town is renowned for its vibrant entrepreneurial streak. And with our increasing respect for networking  and the inspiration gained by creative surroundings the demand for shared office space is growing. Each person needs something different in their work life, whether it be a proper office address and access to meeting rooms, or security and professional equipment...

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